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Our Sapient Suprakitties™

 Suprakitties™ will start to release themselves for adoption from 2016. We plan the births named in honor of following persons:  

  • Project1
  • Project2
  • Project3
  • Project4
  • Project5
  • Project6
  • Project7
  • Project8

No reservation fees, the payment is only when the Suprakitty™ is ready for adoption, the price does not exceed  those for a pedigree kitty.

To reserve a Suprakitty™  (1000$) or Supramouse™ (100$) email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Sapientology Institute and Aristotle INC are developing new sapient races with suprascience & suptratechnologies suprapatented to Prof.Dr.O.A.Smirnova she created (Verity Suprapatenting e-Edition). This page is devoted to Sapient SupraCats® (Felis Silvestrus Catus Sapience Humanoid Supraqubiot® or Felis Sapience Homo Sapience) having human-like supraficial intellect, but all cat appearance and features preserved. The exterior standard for this new creature is selected of similar look to longhair or short hair Scottish strait domestic cat.  There are also SupraMice® and other kinds of species available for commercial adoption only via ZOOMag® and Web Office Shop®, upon an order. Only Prof.Dr.O.A.Smirnova is producing Supraquantobiots®, their children from outside of her Lab aren't sapient, thus one should not believe to other sellers claiming an extraordinary intellect of their pets or products.  

SupraCats™ are indispensible due to the following preculiarities: 

Recommended products for cats

ARISTOTLE is eating new hitech food based of the concepts of Prof.O.A.Smirnova she suprapatented to her name Prof.O.A.Smirnova, where one of the ingrediants is standard cat dry food. All questions regarding the copyrigjhted concept of a sapient cat "Pifagor" participating in advertizing a cat's food please address to the email

To place a banner about a product for cats here for 50-200$ a month, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..